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Conservative values are alive and well with young women.

From the ACRW Picnic to Candace hitting another home run at this years YWLS. Saturday proved that conservative ladies are truly the life of the party!

If you missed yesterday’s coverage of the YWLS Conference on ACRP TV we will be putting a page up on the website with a rebroadcast of the talks that were given on Saturday at this year’s YWLS conference.

You can watch the Candace Owens talk by clicking on this video. Don’t let the mainstream media fool you as you can see by this video conservative women are alive and well in America it’s just that the media will not show you the truth.

The rebroadcast video will be available today at Look for the YWLS image on the homepage later today.

Yesterday at Saybrook Township Park a packed pavilion at the ACRW Picnic!

Thank you to everyone who turned out. State Senator Sandy O'Brien delivered a heartwarming message and we discussed the importance of voting YES on Issue 1 this August

Thank you all for your contributions and support of the Ashtabula County Republic Women.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ACRW please visit their facebook page for more information or email them at

Please forward this email to family and friends!

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